Spill Magazine – ADID Toronto Feature – July 2017



A music event at Fort York has a certain magic to it.  On July 15, 2017, YokoO will be headlining the All Day I Dream showcase. Coming off of a sold out off-Sonar show, Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream showcase will feature another day of electronic music designed to captivate and elevate their audience. Talent like YokoO, whose dreamy sensibilities and lush electronic compositions, are worth the ticket price alone.

“Every piece I write corresponds to the way I feel at a given time,” YokoO shares. “In other words, my music is the translation/reflection of my experiences and therefore the story of my life, or at least some of its key moments.”

The Berlin-based artist takes inspiration from his travels, but prefers to compose in nature, by the ocean and mountains where he can enjoy “peace and a healthy routine as well as the company of my lover who truly inspires me and helps me compose with a critical approach.” He lists the Maschine by Native Instrument as his “go to” for gear of choice right now.

YokoO recently retreated into a quiet phase of music listening, taking in soundscapes, binaural tones and melancholic classical pieces. “Right now, I seem to be going through a more nostalgic phase,” YokoO continues. “At home, I enjoy all kinds of music I grew up listening to – Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bjork, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Massive Attack, Noir Desire and the list goes on.”

Listing the Red Hot Chili Peppers as an influence recalls YokoO’s skater background, the inspiration for his DJ moniker. “YokoO is a nickname I was given by my friends as a teen. It originated from a Yoplait TV commercial. Before following a path in the music industry, I was skating every single day. The original cartoon character Yoko de Yoplait was skating too, and we looked alike, hence why my friends named me after him. I added a capital O for aesthetic.”

When asked what is in store for Toronto audiences on Saturday, YokoO remains mum, “I like to think of this as a surprise,” he says.