Godzilla Disco – Tour Chronicles – July 2017




With the abundance of festivals, club nights and pop-up parties, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to plan your party-calendar. But if there’s one event that trumps them all, it’s definitely the All Day I Dream series. What began on a Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011, has flourished into an internationally acclaimed party series and community. Bursting with technicolour emotionalism, each event provides a unique atmosphere, backed by an incredible roster of artists to guide you through the day. One of those acts who requires little introduction is Julien Beltzung, better known as YokoO. On Saturday, July 15, join YokoO alongside Lee Burridge and Gorje Hewek & Izhevski at All Day I Dream of Sunshine Divine in Toronto for one of the most anticipated parties of the summer. But first, we called upon YokoO to lead us through this latest edition of the #TourChronicles.

The biggest myth about ‘life on tour’ is…

That us DJs are partying everywhere we go. Life on tour is truly physical, and very much comparable to a marathon. If you do not pace yourself, you will burn out pretty quick.

One of my worst airport experiences was…

Whilst traveling from Sydney to Berlin via LA and Chicago, stand by. It was in 2011 if my memory serves me right. I barely had any money back then and wanted to go build my profile in Europe during the summer. I had a few minor gigs lined up. A friend of mine who worked for United Airlines offered to hook me up with a stand-by “buddy” ticket. I got stuck in Los Angeles airport for about a day. All flights were full and I kept on getting bumped to the next one. I was beyond exhausted and desperate to talk with my partner at the time. My phone was not working. Additionally, I was told there was no WIFI in the airport for security reasons, nor any computers to use. I had no money and felt stranded. Following this experience, I promised myself I would never travel stand-by again.

The best airport for a long lay-over is …

Amsterdam Schipol. I love resting there in the bin bags, listening to the sound of the birds chirping.

One of the most ‘surprising’ gigs within the past 6 months was… 

Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand. It was comparable to a mini Burning Man, with lots of dust, workshops and remarkable staging & art structures.


Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand

Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand

Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand

Name one new city that you haven’t played, but would like to visit/perform in 2017…

Tokyo, in 2018 maybe. Not sure I’ll ever break through the Japanese market with a DJ name as such though.

One of my favourite venues in the world to play is… why?

That’s a tough one. I could cite very many. In fact, I am blessed enough to honestly say there hasn’t been many venues/parties I did not LOVE playing throughout the last couple of years. I’ll just name a few here . . .

Parties: All Day I Dream – the decoration, the people, the vibe, the costumes and the music mixed together all make the events unprecedentedly magical;

The Tripping Tel Aviv – beachfront Israeli vibes, the overall quality blew my mind.


YokoO at The Tripping, Tel Aviv

Clubs: Flash DC – the acoustic of the room is impeccable and gives me the impression of being in full control, it inspires me to take risks whilst spinning;

DNSF Miami – it’s like having a party in my living room, with my extended family;

Members Only NYC – it’s usually afterhours and complete non-sense.

The Gärten Beirut – fantastic crowd, team, and production, and I get to eat the best hummus in the world before hand.

One of my favourite festivals in the world to play is… why?

Besides Burning Man which is so much more than just a music festival, I would say that SXM in St Martin comes first. The festival is intimate, the line up incredibly solid and the location paradisiac.

This hotel has the BEST food/ room service…

The Plaza Athenee in Paris by far the best French food I ever ate.

Where is the weirdest place you’ve been given a demo?

The US custom waiting line.

One of my favourite local promoters to work with is…

Toronto? I love them all, but Sherry should get a special mention. I am sure we would all agree on that