Polpetta Mag Special Edition Podcast

A big thank you to Polpetta Mag (IT) for featuring this mix I recorded live at the infamous S.A.S.H. party in Sydney before heading to Berlin. It contains a few of my unreleased productions done under both YokoO and Life Less Ordinary, which is rather unusual.

I suggest you load this one up to your Iphone/iPod as, just like the previous mix I did for Pulse Radio late March,  it is a great soundtrack fitting at any time of the day or night, as long as you feel like getting deep and dreamy! ㋡

1. Lake Powel – More Or Less (Original Mix) – Fenou
2. Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive (Aschmann & Noize Edit) – Unreleased
3. YokoO – Vali (Original Mix) – Unreleased
4. Nu – EARTH (Original Mix) – Crosstown Rebels
5. Okain – Alone In The Dark (Original Mix) – Tsuba
6. 9West Feat Cat – Hear The Sound (Original Mix) – King Street Sounds
7. Life Less Ordinary – The Art Of It (Original Mix) – Unreleased
8. Okain – Hot Garonne (Original Mix) – Memoria Recordings
9. Gregorythme – Woke Up In The Wrong Town (Original Mix) – Rebirth
10. Agoria – Under The River (YokoO’s Above The Clouds Live Edit) – Unreleased
11. YokoO & Matt Weir – Moonwalk (Original Mix) – Unreleased
12. Digitaria – Shine (Morgan Geist Remix) – Hot Creations