Live at White Ocean | Burning Man 2015

Blessings to the White Ocean family for making my first Burning Man experience a reality and providing me with such an incredible platform to showcase my musical tastes. Despite knowing how life changing of an adventure Burning Man had been for thousands of people, I was quite hesitant in going. I couldn’t be happier for having “randomly” met the crew and let them convince me I had to be part of the event a few weeks before it took place. Being slotted at peak time between Matthew Jonson and Jamie Jones b2b with Dyed Soundorom showed how much trust they put in my performance.
i could write several paragraphs about my unforgettable experience out on the playa; unfortunately, no words would do it justice. All of you who have been already know, and all of you who have not I am sure got the hint by now . . . Go experience the MAGIC for yourself, and let it remind you what life essentially is about: LOVE